Friday, August 24, 2007

Sometimes I Worry About Me...

So yesterday while lurking around blogland, I found this really great pattern from nhknittingmama ( One day I WILL know how to link correctly - you know the sentence that says click here and it takes one to the page rather than what I have up there. But I digress.

So I thought that would be the perfect small knitting project for football practice!!! Yea for me!! Yea for me, unitl I got to practice and saw this:
That's correct.. I didn't write the ACTUAL directions down!!! Total senior moment!!!
Did anyone get this email??

Pretty cool!!!

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  1. I think you like making me all teary eyed this is a very moving story thankyou for sharing it with everyone and I really enjoyed reading your blog and thankyou for the comments on mine and I applaud you on your choice to stay home as Iam doing the same thing:) hugs Darcy


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