Tuesday, November 1, 2011

National Blog Posting Month!!!!!!!

I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!! We spent the evening with Honey's parents and brother. The kids went trick or treating and then we all got to eat Grandmas special graveyard dessert! Mater was Spiderman, Wonka was "I have no idea what he was," Shrimp was a hobo (the story behind her costume is: we just spent the weekend in Las Vegas for travel softball and Saturday night we were on Fremont street so that Mater could experience the Fremont Experience! Anyway, Miss Shrimp became enamored of one of the street performers. Well, she kept calling him a hobo not street performer and since he is now her future husband......), and Flea was a troll.

Mater got to "carve" his first pumpkin this year. Well, he wouldn't actually stick his hand into the pumpkin, but he did sit there while Nona and Aunt Shrimp carved!!!

It is that time of year again! 30 posts in 30 days!! I think I can do it! I did it last year! 

I give you the Troll, Spiderman, Hobo, and G-d only knows!!!!

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  1. LOVE it! So excited you are on board in blogging every day. Your kids are adorable btw - and that pumpkin turned out pretty darn good.


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