Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new toy.......

I bought the Canon T2i and I LOVE it!! As I was holding this puppy in my hot little hands, I realized I had not been blogging not because of lack of time, or lack of life, but because I didn't like my pictures. Yes, The Canon Sure shot is a great point and shoot, but it was producing the kind of pictures I wanted to showcase here. But, now..... oh I cannot wait to start shooting. Lucky for me (and all of you....hehehe) senior son has a baseball game tonight.......


  1. Shoot away--we are awaiting!!!! Have fun with your new toy-it looks like a great toy!!
    P.S. Still need the time!!-a difficult thing to find in our active world!!!!!

  2. Whoohoo congrats on the new toy!


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