Friday, December 3, 2010

Skywatch Friday....

I know there are no clouds in the sky, but look at those reds reflected off the mountains!!!

Tonight Honey and I are going to see a stage production of It's a Wonderful Life. I cannot wait!!! It is my favorite Christmas movie EVER! Honey thinks if she takes me to see the stage show I won't make her watch the film version 500 times this year!!! Ummmm, nice try.

Tomorrow we are taking Mater to a Christmas parade! It should be fun but cold. I have finished Mater's Duck Soup Jacket. (Pictures are coming!!)

Friend Finding Fridays


  1. Beautiful, simply beautiful!

    No mountains here, just hills. Thanks for sharing this awesome shot!

  2. I love your sky and mountains. Gorgeous!

    I'm a big fan of It's a Wonderful Life too, but I'm a once a season watcher!

  3. Beautiful photo, I love the reflections. Enjoy the play.

  4. Absolutely NOT a fan of Its a Wonderful Life. Honestly, if anyone else but Jimmy Stuart were in that movie, I'd probably like it. I'm a White Christmas kinda' gal. I love, love, love your photo and wish I had that view. Have a great weekend!


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