Thursday, December 2, 2010

Before and After featuring Max and Peanut....

It's time again for Monica's (Pixel Perfect
Before and After

Honey and I love taking Max and Peanut out to the desert for a hike. We put them on a long leash (NEVER off leash) and let them roam and sniff to their hearts desire. Max does pretty good at not pulling arms out of our arm sockets, but Peanut....I am always trying to keep an eye out for the running jackrabbit before she sees it so I am not knocked off my feet. Gotta love puppies!!!  Well, if I am being perfectly honest, I am usually looking for a good capture and Honey is usually holding both leashes!!! Anyway....
Ok, so the above picture is SOOC. I have to jog ahead and crouch down to be on the
dogs eye level and pray........
Below is the after. I cropped the shot and adjusted exposure and contrast. That's it.  
BTW, I had to break out the Canon Rebel for these shots!!!!


  1. Such beautiful dogs and a great Before and After too!

  2. I like the added warmth and contrast

  3. Nice edit, I like how your croped it! great dogs:)

  4. First I couldn't get past your header picture. Awesome!
    Second I love your edited picture. Very cool

  5. Max and Peanut are terrific models.


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