Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who sees a wolf at the beach? We do!!!

This guy was having the time of his life running into and out of the water. His owners said he was a little scared of people but they let me take his picture anyway. He was beautiful! (But not as beautiful as my sibes!)

So, we took Mater the beach today. It was his first visit and we had so much fun!! Well, Honey and I did, Mater wasn't so sure about the cold water hitting his feet. But Nana was there to make it all better. He also, found a huge live crab. And had no fear, he picked it up! I was nervously video taping the whole thing. He didn't get pinched. All was well!

So here are the pictures of our day at the beach!!!

We had the most amazing seafood lunch at this fabulous, tiny hole in the wall! They had signed dollar bills everywhere! So of course, Mater had to have his dollar go up!!

My great aunt and uncle live in Ventura, so of course no trip would be complete without a short visit!!

Tuesday Tag-Along
See I was there!!!!


  1. Awesome day at the beach and fantastic photos! Mater is so adorable ~ I bet he gives perfect hugs!

    If I ever get to that tiny restaurant I am gonna look for a very special signed dollar. :)

  2. Looks like sand was everywhere! Evidence that a good time was had by all!

  3. Great pictures! New follower, hope you'll follow me back!

  4. Beautiful dog,kinda looks like my Pepper,she's a g.shep.
    Mater is adorable!

  5. What awesome pictures Jeanine!!! Love the one with you and your great aunt..you have such a great smile!!!

  6. Great beach shots. Love the hand holding shots.

  7. Awesome pics...you got some really fabulous shots! He's getting so big!

  8. The photos are just wonderful. The two joined hands and the other with father and son walking together are priceless.

  9. Oh.so.touching shots! His little arms covered in sand, the hand holding... You did a fantastic job!


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