Monday, April 12, 2010

Thank you!!!

Thank you everyone for your very kind words and thoughts!! You all mean so much to me!!!

I had a very good wekend! Honey took friday off and we (what else?) went to the gym and took a class together then we had lunch and went to the bookstore. I love going to the bookstore! After that we went to oldeststillathome son's baseball game. And topped the evenning off with a screening of New Moon! Love me some Jacob!!!

Saturday was all about softball! Four games to be exact!! And lunch at Applebees! While at Applebee's I was pretty sure I saw yup! Yarnagogo herself! Rachael Herron and Lala!! (That's Rachael on the the right and Lala on the left!) She has a new book out called, "How to Knit A Love Song." Honey told me I could not go say anything to them until she had safely left the building! But I looked up her schedule (book tour) and noticed she was supposed to be in Northern Cal saturday and couldn't possibly be her!!! (Which she confirmed later in a tweet!! I almost died when I saw that reply!!
yarnagogo @janinemilitello how funny! Not us! But we like it that we have a doppleganger couple out there.... :)

Sunday we had breakfast with friends! Honey surprised me, because just this last week I mentioned we hadn't been out with them in awhile so she set the whole thing up!!! After breakfast, softball pictures!! Then we took Shrimp and Flea out to Red Robin for dinner and some jeans (has to be skinny jeans! Rolling eyes here!! Hahaha!) shopping!
 Well, now I am off to download New Moon for my iTouch and then gym and school!!! Shrimp is trying out for the high school drill team, everyone cross your fingers for her!!! I hope she makes the team!!!

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