Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Project 365 Catching Up After A Visit from Tommy

It was a big weekend! First Tommy came to visit! Tommy is our grandson and he is so cute! I took a ton of pictures every day. The second thing is, after three years of taking the laundry to the laundromat, I have brand new, commercial grade, front loading, washer and dryer!! Thank you taxes!!!!

Tommy is our first grandchild and he is so fabulous! Although this weekend was a little difficult because he is cutting teeth! Holy Moly! My youngest is 11 and I have gotten used to coming and going as I please and having the kids pretty self-sufficient. A seven month old baby, however, is NOT self-sufficient. Nor is he sleeping through the night!!!! After one day the kids were on the phone with his mother (their sister) asking when she was coming to pickup her son!! I guess we are all not used to having a baby in the house!! Mom says he can come visit most weekends, I think she liked getting sleep and coming and going as she pleased!!! Haha!

The reflection picture was taken in front of an AM/PM. I was getting gas and looked at this amazing sky and saw a puddle. So, I grabbed my camera and sprinted to the open field to capture, I think, a pretty cool shot!!!!!

And I had a doctor follow up visit today and he ok'd exercise!! Thank you Jesus!! I have missed my workouts and I put on five freaking pounds!!!! Oh well!!! At least my lungs are all better!!

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