Saturday, February 13, 2010

I'm out for the weekend! Project 365, Day 44

Sibes and Chihuahuas are not supposed to be friends due to the strong strong small-prey-hunter instinc in Sibes.
I, however, come home and see Gibbs usually cuddled up with Baby or Peanut. I do not let Gibbs eat with the Sibes (just in case)! Mama is special, she just wants a comfy couch, a lap every now and then, and a really good run! We rescued her from a backyard where she had to sleep on a trampoline! Max took one look at her at they have been in seperable ever since! She even let him in her puppy pen when the puppies were less then three weeks old! Gibbs we rescued from a backyard puppymill, were we found him hiding behind a cactus!
Well, Honey has said no more computer for the weekend! It is bed rest for me for the next three days!! So, I'm out for a bit, I'm watching the olympics and knitting and sleeping as much as I can!!! Hopefully, I will stop coughing soon!

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