Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Holy Cow!!!

Ok, so in addition to managing a major softball team, coaching a minor softball team, and helping out with the high school freshmen baseball team, Honey has now agreed to take on another team!!! Love her to death!!!

I am really enjoying my computer graphics class (only four more weeks to go until summer!!!!) I just finished my first project and get feedback (by the class) tomorrow! I'll try to remember put it up here soon.

Just some pics I took recently! More to come, and soon I should be able to do something really cool with them!!! HeeHee!!

Number four thinks she is too cool!! Her mom (me) thinks she is too cute!!

Anyone know how the yellow thing is used? Or even what is it? They are on the fields at the high school, just kinda showed up!!! Just curious.

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  1. Happy Birthday Jeanine:)We are meeting this Sunday May 4th at Starbucks on Lowes at 1:30pm if you can swing over we would love to knit with you:)Huggers Darcy


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