Sunday, December 9, 2007

Meet Our First Pets

I kinda like this picture of me, so I thought I put it on my blog!!!!

This is Tiger whom we call Mama. She really isn't this heavy, bad angle.

This is Patches. This catr is what I ordered.. a big, fat, lazy cat and that is excatly what I got.

We got these cats four days after the kids father passed away. It was actually on Father's Day. Their dad was very, very allergic to cats so we could never have them. Now my kids were only 7, 6, and 3 then and I don't really think they understood what death meant, cause they asked for cats the next day after he passed away. My son wanted a striped cat he could name Tiger. Now Honey and I have these cats so he can't got and visit us, EVER!! Unfortuantely, cats won't keep his family away, heehee!!!

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