Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting ready for our HULA application

We put up our Christmas tree tonight - so of course the babies had to be decked out!!! Max is chewing on a chewy wearing his Christmas finery.
Baby is looking confused in her finery. I love this dog to death, but the lights are on and nobody is home.
Being the princess she is we had to go get her her own pillow to sleep the hours away!!!

This is Max looking picture perfect in front of our fireplace on HIS pillow - which is really just a blanket because Max really doesn't sit still for too long!!!!

The evening wouldn't be complete without Kitty kitty trying to get herself eaten. Later on in the evening Kitty Kitty decided being IN the fireplace was a good way to warm up!!!!!! Again - lights are on.....

Tomorrow I am going to try to get the kids Christmas stockings sewn. Wish me luck!!!!

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