Thursday, November 29, 2007

Some thoughts....

Well, it has been a week since Honeys' surgery. We have been to the doctor and she is doing well. This week has been hard and great at the same time. With so many kids and with all their activities and our activities sometimes, "Our Time" gets lost. This past week everyone has been out of the house so we have had lots of us time. We have watched movies, talked, giggled, planned, napped, and figured out how much we really like being together. My mom once told me, (and she had five kids in eight years) that if a couple can get through the kid years, it is so worth it. I guess every now and then a couple still needs some time away from the kids during the kid years. I know I do. I got one more day and then back to sharing her with everyone. So, tomorrow I am making her favorite biscuits and gravy for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch and spagetti with meat sauce and garlic bread for dinner. And so now you can see how the picture above ties into my thoughts for today!!!!

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  1. I can so my kids are 22 /16/3/18 months no rest for the weary;)Hugs Darcy


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