Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Look What We Did Today!!!!!

This what the "hallway" wall looked like before the paint. Notice the reall really washed out light purple!!!!!! The spackle is because I LOVE to hang pictures!!! (and rearrange them!!!!!) My house my rules!!!! The kids have distroyed this part the wall. Someone even wrote HI on the wall!!! I guess I need to let everyone enjoy freedom of expression!!!! They also broke the drawer and bent the door of my linen cabinet!!!!! (Have I told everyone how much I love having six children in the house!!!!!)
And now for the finish!!!!

Ok yea I know, Honey is a HUGE Dodger fan. What you see there is one of TWO bookcases for her Dodger stuff!!!When children finally move out then she is getting a whole room devoted to her beloved Dodgers. For right now the collection is in the family room!!!
And I know no carpet or flooring. I pulled the carpet up this past summer and since I know I will be painting this winter, I haven't put new flooring down yet!!! I am planning on using area rugs this winter so the kids aren't sitting on cold cement.
As an aside - notice the school ribbons hanging from the brown cabinet!!! You'd think children who get school academic ribbons wouldn't write on the freakin' house walls!!!!!!

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  1. I just checked out your blog (link from Dogs on Thursday). This must have been the week to paint, because we just did that too. I've never heard of a Furminator before, but went to their website and it looks like Petsmart sells it. I'll have to check that out.


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