Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Ok so we slack, but we are back.....

Baby is a changed dog since her surgery!! SInce her tummy doesn't hurt any more, she is taking over the house!! She is keeping Max in line and that is a good thing!!!

Since Baby was feeling better, we headed to Minnesota to play the Vixen. I have never been to Minnesota before and of course feel in love!! It was beautiful!! And need I say anything else other than - The Mall of America!!! OH My Goodness!! We did play football and won, 35 - 0!! So, the team has made the playoffs! Yeah for us!! Unfortunately, the league is down one team, so we actually have a bye this weekend and next weekend we play in Las Vegas!! That will be fun because my parents live there and they have never seen Honey play before!

This is the Mississippi River! How cool is that??

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