Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Fall Festival

Well, this past weekend was pretty fun. Friday night was Pete Knight High School homecoming. They lost. But we had fun.

Saturday (after the rain) was football practice. We actually had a bye this weekend, next weekend we are in Las Vegas. The team is 6 - 1 and probably headed to the playoffs.

Sunday the band headed to the Palmdale Fall Festival. Below is our youngest boy and middle daughter and Honey. The big news is our band is headed for the Hollywood Christmas parade over Thanksgiving weekend!! First band from the AV to go. Of course it is not called Hollywood Christmas parade any longer. But that is how we all know it.

These are the Song Girls and one of our cheerleaders.

Here I am (sans makeup) and the camera bag I whipped up. The changes I will make (I love, love, love the color)

is to make the flap wider and the top of the sides narrower.

I am also working on a baby hat for one of the players baby. She had a baby oh about 8 weeks ago and is out there playing football!!!!!! Can you believe it? Any way pics when I finish it.
Cute, huh?

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