Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Just a note

Well, school has started for DS#1 and DS#2!!! Two in high school!! Holy Moley!!! DS1 is taking a heavy class load - mostly AP classes and is in the marching band. DS2 is a freshman and is trying out for football!!! Yea yea TWO football players in the house!!

It is sssssssssooooooooooo hot Max wakes us up at night just so he can sleep in some cool air. Honestly, I'm tempted to do the same myself - if the backyard wasn't sand and well, let's be honest, if I was the one he woke up to put him outside!!!

No quilting going on here - just not motivated. I did however knit up an Ipod cozy last night. Using knitpicks sock yarn and size one addi needles. (Pictures tomorrow!!) We just fixed Itunes problems and now we can load up the Ipods. Woot woot something to listen to during football practice!!!!!

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