Monday, August 22, 2011

Trace Adkins.....Need I say more?

Friday our local county fair began. Honey and I have been volunteering at the concert venue for three years. Which is pretty cool because we get to see all the concerts for free. This past Saturday Trace Adkins performed. 

Yup, that is me and Trace! And below is my daughter and Trace!! She was so excited, she was crying!! He called her little lady and she almost fainted! He is tall and so stinking handsome!!! Shrimp had to have a cowboy hat before the show! And  in order for her to meet Trace, she gave up her allowance until the meet and greet money is paid off! But she said it was sooooo worth it!!

Tomorrow night is Miranda Lambert!! 


  1. Oh man!!! your little one is so stinking cute! and what a guy!?

    Now if you need anyone to go with you for Miranda...let me know!!

  2. How sweeeet!!! Your baby girl is so darn cute!! How awesome for the two of you...Trace is one of my faves too!


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