Sunday, February 20, 2011

WIP - My new Nook cover.....

Honey and I have been so freaking sick this weekend! Lucky it was a rainy two days so starting in bed wasn't too difficult. The first two days I couldn't read or knit, I was that sick!!! But today I managed to do this.....


  1. Wow, great minds think alike! Check out my blog today. LOL I think it's that knitting is something that helps one feel productive even you've energy for nothing else!

  2. oooo! looks twilighty!!

  3. Okay, so I need one of those and haven't had the time to play around with the details. Now I'm jealous. So sorry to hear that you have been sick--nasty flu bug going around it seems. Hope you are feeling better by now and that this weekend will be much more pleasant for you!

  4. Ok, I am so behind again, I saw the title about the nook cover, and I was trying to figure out what you were knitting, I was thinking "breakfast seating area", not e book thingy! Makes a whole bunch more sense when you know what someone is talking about...

    But it is nice, none the less!

    Good thoughts and chicken soup from me,

  5. That is adorable! If I had a Nook I would beg for one.

  6. Love this-gonna have to get a nook to put in it-cause I want to knit one!! Circ needle? No directions!! Just wing it we would say!!??


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