Monday, December 6, 2010

My Weekend in Review......

It was a fabulous weekend. Well, except for the massive rainfall we had last night. But even that was ok because we were snug as bugs in a rug!!!

It was a lot of Max and Mater.
We didn't make it to the Christmas parade, it was way to cold. So we slept in, had peppermint/chocolate pancakes, and watched college football. And I made an Angry Bird for my sister. (Pattern is here.)

I don't think the cats are enjoying Mater's visit as much as we are!!!

Sunday we went to Jethawk stadium for a Booster lunch. We a a great time (even if it started to rain while we were there. Oh well we had cover!!) and really great food! I cannot wait for next spring!!!

There was a raffle at the lunch and I won this beautiful wreath!! It is now hanging over my fron window. It is looking pretty lonely, so I guess we to get our lights up. Really really soon.....

 Friday nights performance of It's a Wonderful Life was fabulous!!! It was in a small theater with minimal sets, but the cast was great! The main boulevard in Lancaster has been redone, complete with Bose speakers placed so the Christmas muic could be heard everywhere as we walked!! It is going to be a great plce to be this summer!!! And of course, the big man himself was there!!!! 


  1. Love the red hoodie! tell me you made it!?

  2. Love the Angry Bird and the red sweater. Cute little boy.

  3. Jeanine's Younger Sister12/7/10, 11:22 AM

    Can't wait to get my angry bird!! =) Thanks Sissy!

  4. Very cute pictures. Peppermint chocolate pancakes sound very yummy!


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