Friday, November 26, 2010

Thanksgiving Day wrap up........

(sorry about the camera phone shot, it was the only one that shows that
I was actually there. So bad shot it is....)
We had a fabulous dinner with Honey's side of the family. (well, except for watching the Dallas game!) Three families and enough food for a small army. And the desserts....yummy!! We did miss oldest son, who is in Texas and making plans to attend umpiring school in Florida in January. Mater and Victoria spent Wednesday night and Thanksgiving morning with us, then they headed to dinner with her dad's family.

The black and white kitty in the back has gone to her/his new home and has been renamed Willow. We are now left with Garfield and he/she is probably staying. Garfield and Crouching Tiger(the Mama) are seeing the doctor in January. Heehee!

We aren't doing any shopping today, maybe I MIGHT sneak out a little later today to Joanne's or Michaels for some knitting things! Maybe even hit the local LYS. We shall see.

The video below has probably been seen by everyone but if you haven't please take some time to watch and then make sure you have let everyone in your family know you wish to be an organ donor. This moved both Honey and I to tears!!!


  1. New follower here from the Friday Follower over 40 Blog Hop. It was the lovely photo on your thumbnail that made me visit (is that Max?)and this video that made me stay. Your blog is lovely. Going for a browse around. I see you have some amazing photos too. I am all signed up for organ donation...My Hubby used to fly organs for surgery from one airport to another to get them to the operating theatres on time. It's close to our hearts.

  2. I can't watch a video that will make me cry - sparks may shoot out my eye sockets.

    Your other pics are great though, despite your being your own worst critic. Viva la camera phone!

  3. That video is I sit here with tears streaming down my face, Thank you for posting! I am a new follower from the Friday Follow and I hope you have a great weekend.


  4. Awesome family shot!!! Souds like the kitties are all doing well ;-)

  5. Hello! I'm from Malaysia. Your new follower. Nice blog!

  6. The kittens are so adorable and so is your blog..of course I am teary from the video and am thrilled that I am an organ donor. I am happy to be a new visitor and follower via Java.


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