Sunday, November 7, 2010

Saturday at the park......

 This is the sunrise Saturday morning. (Honey was not happy because I was hanging out of the car to get this shot.) Because we start softball at the ungodly hour of 8am on some Saturdays!!!! Yesterday, we had both girls starting at 8am at two different fields, on opposite sides of town!! Lucky us.
Love the colors of fall. The yellows contrasting with the blue of the sky!
I did finish this phone holder for a friend of mine!  done in tunisian crochet, using two colors. I think it turned out pretty. I made the strap in i-cord for crochet.

The below picture shows what happens occasionally in softball. Our third baseman made a GREAT out and dislocated her thumb.  Can't believe she held onto the ball! The other teams coach felt so bad, but sometimes girls get hurt. Luckily, this time is wasn't bad. (Not Shrimp, she is the catcher these days!!) Girls are alot tougher then we give them credit!! We asked dad to have her text us how she was doing. He didn't think she would be doing any texting any time soon, but nope, she updated from the ER!!!

I hope everyone has a great day!!!!

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  1. That sunrise picture is INSANE!!!! Love it.

  2. Holy cow!! That sunrise shot is A.mazing!!! The dislocated thumb, is... YOW-ZAH!!


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