Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The one about the kitten.......

Our kittens are now eating and almost seven weeks old. The white kitten next to Garfield is Spot and next to Spot is the mama, Crouching Tiger. They are so cute and we have moved the cat tree into their room and they are all over it!!!
And now something rarely seen - the mother of the best boy on the planet.... meet my eldest daughter.
I'm so glad they have moved closer to us. She was in Texas for two years. But now she is here and I get to see my boy!! Oh and I get to see my daughter also!!


  1. Sweetness everywhere on your post today! Adorable kitties and three very precious faces loving on each other!

  2. I'm glad there's another family where the child is permanently second to the grandchild. I get the "oh, you're here too..."

    Those kittens are precious too!

  3. You're not alone Joey! Not alone at all.


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