Monday, October 4, 2010

Disneyland and trouble on the freeway.......

 So, Disneyland is in full Halloween mode. It is beautiful. I love Disneyland.  We went out of our comfort zone and went on rides we hadn't in a long time and ate were we normally don't eat.

  I was also on on a hidden mickey mission. This one is on the space mountain ride. The speakers on the back form a hidden mickey.
We are at Disneyland alot so I try to take shots of things you don't normally see. This picture is from the Matterhorn.
Día de los Muertos!!!

A hidden mickey. At the Horseshoe! It took me a long time to see it, even though it is right in front and center of the stage!!!

Billy Hill and the Hillbillys. A new show for us! And we had the best chocolate cake ever!!

The Haunted Mansion is decked out!! Jack is back!!!
 My camera is so cool! I got this shot while on the ride!! Jack is standing where the old man and his shaking dog usually stand!!!
These looked so good but not ten dollars good!!
The pumkin carvings were amazing!!!
 Honey with Jesse and Woody!!!
 This is actually over at California Adventure. We stayed for the World of Color show! It was awesome!!

On the way home, we were tired but we had had a great day!! Looking forward to getting home, we were driving along talking about our day and I stopped for traffic (love LA - they work on the roads 24/7 and therefore there is ALWAYS traffic) well, the guy behind me didn't stop until he hit me!! OMG!! Are you kidding me? That is Honey's biggest fear - the other guys on the road not paying attention!! Other then my nerves were shattered and some minor damage to the bumper we were ok. His car on the other jacked up!!! His front is smooshed and his windshield is cracked, airbag deployed, windows wouldn't work!(I should have taken pictures but I really wasn't thinking!) I keep hearing the impact and the drive home was the longest, scariest ride ever!!! I have to force myself into the car to drive. I know this is so overreacting and yet I cannot help myself!! My first thought was I am never leaving my house again! It is too scary out there!! But that is not realistic, so outside I go!!
I hope everyone has a great week!!


  1. What a great time of year to visit disney....we live 3 hours from there...maybe it would be nice to head up there for a weekend:) the girls would love it...we usually go around Christmas....yeah those are too cute but not $10 cute...haha...ur just like me...i can't believe you got hit...wellllll..i can...people are crazy! glad your alright's annoying to deal with ! ughhh! i often try to hide inside because it is a dangerous world but your's not i'll go with you! have a good week(:

  2. That is so fun! Love seeing some of the things most people wouldn't normally notice!! :)

  3. Día de los Muertos!! that is amazing. I love all of the hidden Mickeys that you found :)

    and I hope that you're feeling okay after that car crash. :(

  4. Thanks for sharing! I never knew they celebrated Halloween there.

  5. Oh my! Completely jealous you have the opportunity to visit Disneyland so often, not so jealous of your traffic issues (HA!)...

    Loved all of the pictures, thanks for sharing!


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