Monday, September 20, 2010

Mater's weekend visit.....

We had a great weekend with Mater. Although, our children said he is no longer allowed to visit on payday weekend! Yea, the shot below is just one of his many (ok, maybe not many but quite a few) new trucks.
 Here is another new toy, a quad! He loves it! And when Nana pushes him, heaven!!!

 My favorite shot of the weekend!!

Nana and Mater!

We had so much fun with him. he is 15 months old now and he is a happy, easy baby. He sleeps all night and although he is a tad of a picky eater, we discovered if we let him feed himself, he eats just about anything put in front of him! I must admit, my baby is now almost 12 years old and I am little out of toddler practice. But I love being a grandma! Especially when twice this weekend I was mistaken for his mama and had to say nope I'm grandma!! Heehee! Honey keeps telling him he has me wrapped because I giggle at just about everything he does! But I had the BEST grandmas and I hope I can be half the grandma they were. I miss then so much. My grandma M (the italian grandma) passed when I was in high school and grandma O (the mexican grandma) passed two summers ago. I am the first grandchild on both sides so I was a bit spoiled. But even as a teenager, and an adult, I could run to grandmas house and everything would be better! I am discovering I'm a hard mama, but I'm a pushover as a grandma!! I mean really, how could I not be a pushover?

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