Thursday, September 9, 2010

And the band played on....

 Some of my girls and I getting ready for the first performance of the season!! I guess this shot also works for Shoot Me!!

Forever In Blue Jeans

(But not to worry I have more of me coming up!!!)
Yes, I take pictures of people taking pictures of me. Just because I can....

 See? I told you more of me!!! And the drill Team Advisor, Ms. Soto!!
 Ms. Jeanell and I. (oohhhh, more pictures of me!!)
 These three lovely ladies are my Song Girls who graduated last year.

 Battle of the Bands at Jethawk Stadium!! Yup, we killed it!!!

 KaBoom directing!!!

 This would be DS#3 (aka Wonka)

 The ColorGuard! We have about 100 people in our pagentry units! And about a 100 musicians in our band! We are a pretty impressive sight!!
 My Drill Team ladies!!! Love these girls!!!
 Wonka! He is having such a great time on the Guard!!!
 I see alot more of these kind of shots in the future as we have a long season ahead of us!!!!
The first football game is friday night and the first fall ball softball games are Saturday and then FOOTBALL and Sunday!! Gonna be a fab weekend!