Monday, April 19, 2010

Dodger game and Super Science Saturday

Thursdays game was awesome! We had a blast with our friends, Shelby and Becca. It does not look like we had fun because this is how Honey poses for my pictures!!!!! But we did!!
They were visiting from Montana.

I saw this little guy and he was so cute, cheering and waiting for his foul ball!

I think Dodger Stadium has got to be the prettiest stadium EVER!!!!

Since it was Jackie Robinson Day, everyone around the league wore number 42!!

I have no words for this shot!!! Hahaha!
Ethier after hitting his walk off  hit!!!!!!
All right, my focus was off, I was using the small point and shoot!! But the I took this shot because the rookie was wearing his pink backpack!!!

Shrimp and Papa working on their rocket!! Shrimp took the Silver! She had a han time of more then 7 seconds!! Papa is already working on the design for next year, when Flea enters the competition!!!

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