Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Totally Truthful Tuesdays

Tina over at My Lipstick Life has started Totally Truthful Tuesdays!
So here it goes!

I love the Olympics! But I think NBC is totally sucking when it comes to broadcasting these games! Trust me when I say, I watched all lot of TV this past weekend! And I think they aired, what 5 sporting events? I feel bad for the luger that was killed, but did they have to milk it for three days? Good Heavens! These are the Olympics I want to watch the medalists and the ones who DO NOT have a chance to win anything! I don't care about the polar bears, I want events!!! The stories are about to kill me!! Beyond that Vancover is ON THE WEST COAST people! Is there a reason, I am seeing tape delay? I so wish there was a pay per view like the football season!!! I would pay for that!!! I wouldn't be able to eat for the next month but whatever!!
Ok, truth two!! WTH is it with the ice skating judging? It is almost unwatchable because, well if you watch ityou know....falling gets you first place? And apparetly, there were only five pairs of skate teams competing, for two nights, we only saw five pairs of skaters!!!!
And finally truth three: I love watching A&E Hoaders!

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