Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Totally Truthful Tuesday (again)

Tina at My Lipstick Life has started Totally Trutful Tuesdays!
Ok, here is my truths for today!
1. I really dislike the whole your comment will be posted after approval. Only because I am totally neurotic and think my comments never get published.
2. I wish I was a better writer. Things sounds great in my head, but when I write them out, ummm not so much!
3. I really think people who do not know how to drive a traffic circle are incredibly stupid!! How hard is it to look ahead and see who is in the circle and then keep moving?? Apparently these people think a YEILD is a STOP!If everyone drives the 25 mph you are supposed to....sheesh!!!
4.I am really excited to get a weekend away with Honey (just us, NO KIDS OR DOGS!!) for Opening Day in Arizona!!! Next weekend! I am, however open to meeting any of you fabulous readers for coffee or margaritas!! So, if you are near Glendale, Arizona.......

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