Thursday, February 4, 2010

Project 365, Day 35

I'm so loving this project! But next week I go back to school and get to use the full Adobe Suite! Lightroom and Photoshop ahhhhhh!
Last night the kids and I went to Women on Weights and Zumba class. The weight class almost killed me and Zumba, holy cow! Let me just tell you women are freakin nuts when it comes to their workout classes! Like blinders on crazy!! The Zumba class is filled to twice what it should be, which is one reason why we have never stayed after WOW. But last night they started a sign in sheet - limiting the class to just 50 people. And if you were in the WOW class they let you sign in first, so we didn't have to leave our class in the middle to sign up. My goodness! You would have thought they cancelled the class out right! About 1/3 the people were on guest passes (Really? You are going to get upset about not getting into a class and you HAVEN'T bothered to join the gym?) Another 1/3 were under ten years old. This isn't the only Zumba classs the Y offers by the way. Oh no! It's the only class they offer SIX times a week!! But apparently these women can ONLY get their workout from THIS class at THIS time. Switch it up people!! I mean, it was a fun class but alot of classes are fun! Try something else! If you don't get in to this class go swim, or hit the treadmill (which has a TV attached to it for your viewing pleasure!) There is so much else to do, why get pissy and out of control? Ok stepping off the soapbox!! Breathing again! Have a great Thursday everyone! We have our first softball practice today - yeah!!!

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