Monday, February 1, 2010

My weekend was exhausting. How was yours?

Saturday morning was ASA softball tryouts for the girls. So, we spent all day Saturday at the field. After one daughter had her try-outs I had to run her to her basketball game. Which she lost, but had a great game and fun. Then back to the softball field to watch older daughter try out and then go to a draft. Then home to see our son off to his Winter Formal. Can you tell he is the goofball of the family?
No he didn't take two girls, just one with the purple sash. The other girls date hadn't shown up yet. Apparently they had a good time at the dance and actually got home at a decent hour, before midnight. Yea!!
Sunday, we were up early to drive above son to his two baseball games in Los Angeles.
Which were long and it was chilly! Luckily, they have a walking track at the baseball field so we walked for an hour. (Saturday, with all the running around around we did get our 10,000 steps in!)
When those games were over, we headed back up the hill, dropped son and headed to the Big 8 softball complex for two nighttime softball games. Finally at about 10:00 pm we were finished!
How was your weekend?

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