Friday, January 1, 2010

Project 365 Picture 1

Desert Trash, originally uploaded by Max Too.

Ok well day one is done! Only 364 more to go!


  1. That is such an intriguing photo. What is it? I see mountains in the background? Oh, and was is "Project 365?" Did I miss something?

  2. I really enjoy your thought process for picture taking! I am so excited to see other views into everyone's lives ~

    I'm sorry you could not leave a comment! I did change one setting, so hopefully that will help!

    Good to see another CA blogger!!

    P.S. I was FINALLY able to get my Project 365 link to work on Nicolasa's post ~ Whew...

  3. Awesome picture! Thanks for following along on my journey. I'm following yours too.

  4. wow! great picture! There is so much to look at, I see something new every time!

  5. Hi Again!

    Just stopping by to tell you I have something for you over at my blog! Come check it out, friend :-)

  6. Stopping by from SITS!
    Cool picture!

  7. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Sorry about the whole coffee coming out of the nose thingie...hope it was like, mocha flavored so you smelled chocolate all day...

    Where was this photo taken? I lurve photography, and especially how B&W picks up all the textures and depth of the surfaces...

    Hope to see you more around bloggyworld! :)


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