Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Dance

This is my second daughter on her way to her 8th grade winter dance. Her school is k - 8, so this dance was just open to 7th and 8th graders.
The girls all dressed up! Everyone looked so nice all dressed up in nice dresses and the boys in shirts and ties!
These kids have been together since kindergarten. The school is a bilingual immersion school and the immersion begins day one of kindergarten. They spend half the time in Spanish and half the time in English. There are both English as a first language speakers and Spanish as a first language speakers. They discovered that language learning comes from playground talking. Actually using the language. At graduation, the kids can speak, read, and write fluently in two languages. There are only two classrooms for each grade, and after first grade students must test into the school. After third grade, out of luck.
Aren't her shoes the cutest?
The dance was only from 5 - 8pm. (They served a sit down dinner) But it was nerve wrecking waiting on a daughter!! One must find comfort where one can!!!


  1. Oh, look at the excitement in her eyes! She is a sweety. How fun for you. Ok, maybe a little nerve racking, but how proud you must be!

    I so love the idea of a Spanish immersion school. We have one here and next year at this time, I'll be getting my 3 year old on the list, hopefully!

  2. First of all, I'm completely obsessed with those shoes - where can I get a pair???

    Second, I'm in love with your daughter's school, I wish I'd had such a useful education!

  3. She is beautiful!!!

    I rue the day when mine grow up and go to dances - do they need chaperones? I am so there!

  4. she looks so pretty!!
    Denver saw some slippers that look just like Mary's shoes (except green) and that's what she put on her Santa list...those two girls MUST be related. =)

  5. Well, just look at those beautiful girls! Radiant smiles, and oh what style! Love those shoes!

  6. Thanks everyone! She had a GREAT time. The shoes are from ROSS! Ten dollars!

  7. Wow. A sit-down dinner? That's incredible.
    And she looks so pretty. And so excited!


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