Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry, but basketball is NOT my favorite sport.

Here is the band in the band before the game (Knight vs Ventura). We were playing for some elementary school kids who want to be in their high school bands in the next few years. Yup, pretty much showing off!

The school is only a few years old. But we have some championships!!!
Song Girls in the stands.
And performing.
These lovely ladies are part of our Drill Team!!
And on the floor.
Playing tribute for the victors!!!!! Its a tradition now!
The rest of the weekend was rainy and cold. And no more basketball until January!!
I uploaded (which took an hour! Holy Cow!! who knew it took so long for ONE video!!??) a video of the band and song girls (please ignore the guy that walked in front of me!!), I hope you enjoy. It's a little bit of how our band rolls!

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  1. Dude, basketball is the best. You just need to watch it with me so I can 'splain what is going on so you actually understand it!


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