Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please teach your kids some manners!

So, yesterday Honey says, "Let's go see a movie!" on a Tuesday. We went to do a little shopping, had some dinner, and then went to go see, The Blind Side. Which by the way, was fabulous!!
But then, it happened. The movie was almost over, when the phone of the teenage girl sitting next to us rang. She then began to text, with an iphone and that really large bright screen. Finally, the woman sitting behind asked her to stop, to which she told the woman to shut up. Now teenage girls MOTHER is sitting right next to her and up to this point has said nothing. Unfreakinbelievable!!!
Well, after her poor kid was asked to stop, mom decides to start yelling at the woman for being, now get this, RUDE! So, Honey couldn't take it any more and chimes in about how the rude person is the teenage girl. The moron, I mean, mom was really defending her kids rude behavior and smart mouth. The girl was also arguing about how her phone wasn't on, really. After the movie they thought, apparently, if they didn't move we wouldn't leave. Nope. Honey is a professional, full tackle football player, nothing much frightens her. (Yes, there is a womans football league!!) As we stood up, I said oh now she wants to watch the movie!! Mom glared at me, and we walked out just laughing! The stupidity of that woman and her kid.
Did she really think is she doing a service to her kid by defending bad behavior? It just boogles my mind. Really people? Shame on those parents who think every little thing their kid does is perfect, no matter how inappropriate, rude, or just plain wrong. No one should ever say a negative thing to them or about them. I don't think so. Put the work in people! Sometimes your kids won't like you, but thats not your role to be liked, it's your role to teach and raise responsible adults. Then they can like you. I'm best friends with my mom now, which has been a lot longer friends then parent/child. Get over yourselves people. My teenage son doesn't have his phone right now because of his rude mouth, laziness, and general teenage angst. Really don't care, that I am getting glares and everyone elses, and blah, blah, blah. When he decides to speak respectfully to me, do his ONE chore correctly, and turn ALL of his homework, he will get his phone back. Does he like me right now, nope. But in the end I think, I'm teaching him more about what it means to be a responsible adult.
Sorry about the rant, that woman and her kid really bothered me.


  1. You know the kid wouldn't act like that if she didn't learn it at home...Unreal!

  2. I'm trying this again - I did it once and it said I wasn't logged in but I was, so if this is a repeat, please delete one.

    I so hate it when other people do not follow the rules! They always create uncomfortable situations!

    I could absolutely hug you about the challenges of parenting! Sometimes I feel like I am in a desert - my 14 year old has his phone taken away from him and passed down to his younger brother for not performing in school like he should. The younger brother made straight A's - the 14 year old just isn't trying. The junior had his beat up old truck taken away from him - for guess what? Not following the rules.

    Am I feeling the love at home right now? Nope! That's the tough part about being a mom - making the right decisions can make home a little uncomfortable at times.

    I miss the days when, not only was it easier to establish boundaries, but after a nap, they were over it - and I was the magical mama again. I guess it's those memories that sustain us during the trying teenage years!

    Thank you so much for sharing - forget the band of brothers - I need the band of mothers!

  3. Yikes! It's one thing when a teenager is rude (most of them are at some point, right?) but it's another when the parents not only let them get away with it, but defends the kid, too! Those are the times when I wish parenting classes were mandatory! =)


  4. I so agree with you. We are raising a generation of kids without any concept of manners and their parents are backing them up. We are headed for rough times!

  5. Well the ol' apple didn't fall far from the tree with those people. How irritating! Unbelievable how parents don't raise there kids anymore...omg my son would have been smacked right then and there acting like that! He does get compliments a lot for his behavior from adults...holding the door open for people especially a lady, picking things up when someone drops it....common courtesy, you just don't see it anymore! Boy could I do a big rant too!:)


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