Thursday, December 10, 2009

Not so Wordless Wednesday on Thursday!!

This is how my day started! Actually it started when it was DARK! So, I had to wait for daylight to take a picture.
Buddy and Gibbs. I know its blurry and Buddy is blown out. But Gibbs is a fast chihuahua and Buddy has a white coat. White coat in full sun = blown out!!
This week has been cold. Freezing cold. So, the huskies have been sleeping in the house. Gibbs has been happy because he is warm now. Gibbs and Baby(the mama)
These are the pictures I got while a) waiting for AAA and b) while Joe the AAA guy was changing the tire for me!!! Tumbleweeds and Barbed wire.
Sunrise, Hernandez (Points if you know where I got the name of this picture!!) No flare
That's it. I had my one and only final last night. And I think I did pretty well. Joined the YMCA and my first visit is today!!! Yeah, swimming!!!


  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! My car was my problem yesterday!!!! Ugh!!!

    I am glad your final is done...mine have been going on this week! And my last one is Monday.

    Have a good break!

  2. man, a blown tire stinks, but you got some gorgeous shots out of the time you had. So, plus plus. LOL Hope today is better!

  3. Lovely pictures, if not a perfect day... (Poo happens.) I love the photo of the sunrise, I enjoy feeding the animals in the morning just for that.


  4. What a yucky start to your morning! But you rocked the sun flare pic!! :)

  5. My vote is for the sunrise pic.

    By the way, the photos in your header are amazing! I love the color and contrast. It's by far one of my favorite headers to see when I blog hop!

  6. That was a wicked tire blowout!...I love the shot of the sunrise you got. Gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful Saturday.

    By the way, your dogs are too cute. I love that Gibbs cuddles up with the huskies. Too cute!

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!!

  7. Such beautiful shots! It sure is cold! Enjoy that coffee and have a great weekend.

    Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

    Alex aka Ma, What's For Dinner?

  8. Great photos, especially the one of your pups! I have a black Lab (Sadee) and a black Pomeranian (Casper) who like to snuggle together. It is TOO cute!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you will come back often. I'm following you! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Teresa <><

  9. Your dogs are so cute. I think my boyfriend and I decided we might want a husky sometime in the near future. They are such pretty dogs.


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