Monday, December 28, 2009

Cookies! Cookies! Cookies!

It has become a tradition to bake and decorate cookies with Papa and Celia (Honeys Dad and Stepmom).

Yup we are Dodger fans!!

The baker and decorators!

No egos here!! Hahaha!!
We had a great Christmas! I hope you did too! Pictures of Tommy's first Christmas tomorrow!


  1. Stopping by from SITS. Awesome looking cookies. Hope your Christmas was wonderful.


  2. How fun! I hope you had a great Christmas. We made waaaaay too many cookies:)

  3. Hmmm brilliant looking cookies. Did you get any knitting done over the holidays? I got two knitting books and I can't wait to dig in and learn new skills

  4. oh, that looks like so much fun! My kiddos aren't really big enough to help bake cookies yet. Can't wait.

  5. Those are some very happy looking cookies!

    Wishing you and your family a great 2010.


  6. Those cookies look deelish!!! And what beautiful shiny faces those kids have! Love it!

    PS. I'm your newest follower- lucky #30!


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