Wednesday, November 11, 2009

We spent Wednesday with the kids!

First, we went to see Disney's A Christmas Carol. That's Max, happily modeling the 3D glasses! I have to say, the 3D was pretty awesome! ACC is one of my favorite christmas stories. Plus all the kids enjoyed the movie. It cost us $62.00 to get everyone in plus popcorn! I guess that's why we don't go out as a whole group to often.

Here is the whole kit and kaboodle enjoying lunch at the mall. Honey and I had greek, the kids had whatever their little hearts wanted(we were going all out today!) Of course they had to put up with me photographing everything. I also had black milk tea with boba! Yummy!

After lunch we stopped by Build a Bear. The girls had We-owe-you cards and they were cashing in!

Honey kept her face turned so you can't see her black and blue and purple and red eye! The xrays showed no fractures! Thank Goodness! She had a big headache last night but is feeling better today! I told all three of them I'm ordering these TODAY, but I was told not one of them would wear them. Oh well.

While on our way to the bookstore - we saw this gentleman. The kids told me I just can't go around taking pictures of strangers. I told them if you look like this on a wednesday you should expect to get your picture taken!

The three boys! They are the cutest things EVER!

And finally, we are home to watch old V (thank you Netflix!) and probably take a nap! That's Max (the Mommas boy) laying on Honey and Baby and her daughter Peanut. Baby and Peanut ALWAYS sleep touching each other. They are "the girls" now.


  1. Is it Christmas Carol time already?

  2. Beautiful family! Welcome to SITS! Sounds like you had one super terrific family day! Hey, anyone who puts glasses on their dog is A-OK with me! Cheers!
    Jenn @


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