Monday, November 9, 2009

My Monday....

Peanut and Buddy get to know each other. Buddy is the newest member of our zoo. He is a rescue and was on his last day at the pound. Only two months old. His eyes are bi-colored and although his coat is almost all white it is tinged with red.
He went first his first walk today. Well, ok he went for his first, "let me carry you" outing. He is having a tough time adjusting to his new suroundings. But every now and then he and Gibbs rough house for a few minutes!

I missed yesterdays posting but, I really had nothing to write abouT. We spent the day recovering. Me from the flu and Honey from having to care for me all week. We did go over to friends house for dinner and the Cowboy game. But that was about it!

Meeting the ladies of social alley. During softball practice we sit and watch the girls and "coach"!
Gibbs is soooo cute. He pouts if he can't go with me! I have no idea how to take him to the Trojan Walk this weekend, but since I'm driving, I'll probably find a way! I don't like seeing him pout!

This is the Other Peanut. She can't wait to be a Dodger. She comes to practice and runs the bases!

The sunset from this evening!

I made Gibbs his sweater. It doesn't quite fit yet but at least it keeps him warm right now. I'm going to cast on another one for him as soon as I figure out what pattern to use. Plus I was waiting to see how big he will get. He hasn't really grown at all since I got him, so I think I'm really going to have to cast on soon.
Other then that I spent TWO hours waiting in the doctors office and then another half hour in the exam room, only to be told I am recovering from the flu. So, take it easy for the next few days and take Advil if needed(for which he wrote me a prescription!).
I have been using my soap Dirt and it is lovely!!!!!! I'm gonna be ordering some for Christmas presents (right after I get the truck new tires and registered!!!)


  1. Cute new little brother. We are betting he comes out of his shell pretty quick.

  2. Your dogs are beautiful! You really do have a lot to be thankful for thank you for commenting on my blog, and i agree with you, I have major blog envy too. I'm a big fan of "putting it out there" with my issues, it helps me laugh at them and move forward. Loving your blog and i will be following! Happy NaPoBloMo!

  3. Oh that last picture was the sweetest :-) Thank you!

  4. Awwwww, I'm so glad you saved Buddy. So cute.

    Thanks for coming by the other day!

  5. my first time here. i love the little cutie in a tutu and helmet. what an individual!


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