Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disneyland Pictures...ummm lots of pictures

I "borrowed" Honeys CoolPix camera for the day. Next time I'm not taking so much in my purse and I am taking my Rebel. That being said, here are my pictures of our day.
Pirates of the Carribean! First ride ALWAYS! Then on to Haunted Mansion.

Honey's eye is still a little black and blue from last week - so she isn't real happy to have her picture taken. But, in a rare moment I got this one! We were waiting to get out picture taken for our passes!!
Tomorrowland! We skipped Star Tours this time and went on the Toy Story ride. Next time we go, we are going to California Adventure. Never been there. I really don't like rollar coaster rides anymore, but just want to see what's going over there. Can you say - Love having season passes!!!
Buzz is cool!

When I was a kid - the submarine ride closed. My dad always said they used to have mermaids swim in the lagoon. Could never verify because it closed. It had just reopened when we spent Christmas at Disneyland in 2007 and the wait was THREE hours. Needless to say we didn't ride the ride. However, yesterday the park was relatively empty so we waited maybe a half hour. It was a pretty cool ride. No mermaids though.

While we were in line for Small World, we saw this lady. Honey is always rolling her eyes at me because I talk to anyone and everyone. She told me her daughter had made these savanger hunt booklets up! It was really cool!

I love Christmas time at Deisneyland. And Halloween also, but Christmas is so cool!!!! After, I got te ride, I heard plink! I looked down and one of my brand new pins had dropped INTO the small world river! Holy Moly!! I told the ride operators about it and by the time someone came to retrieve my pin a boat had rolled over it and it was gone. But Mike came to the rescue!! I got a replacement pin (even if the paperwork just say pen not pin!) Love Disney!

This is the sign in the boat. It kinda struck me as amusing! The red circle part, I mean!!!

The Princess and the Frog is opeing in December. On our way to get my pin, this was going on! It was pretty cool!!

Ok one more picture of Jack! Love Jack!!!

Need I say more?

I registered for classes for next semster today. Three classes, oh what was I thinking? When I come to my senses I will figure it out. But at least I have the classes I want/need! Photoshop II, Web Design II, and Special Studies in Photography!


  1. Stopping back over from my bloggy!!! I love Disneyland. My favorite part is taking pictures. Enjoy your season passes!

    Angry Julie Monday

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