Friday, November 13, 2009

Christmas came early...

Every other Friday, Honey has the day off, so that is our errands day. Sometimes, it's a movie and errand day, and sometimes it's Christmas.

We usually start with breakfast. Crazy Otto's. We've been there so much, our waitress just says, "Hello girls! The usual?" We can never finish and we order the HALF order! They have the best biscuits and gravy ever!

After breafast, we just spend some time together, without the kids. I look forward to our time so much. Anyway, today we went looking for ideas for the kids for Christmas. And she surprised me with this! An Ipod Itouch!!!!! I lost my old nano about a month ago and have been hinting for a new one. I'm pretty horrible about waiting. She thought I was looking to buy when really I was looking to buy for the kids. I know we were all surprised!!! But then she said I could get an Itouch - it's my christmas present! Merry Christmas to me!!!
Tomorrow is filled with softball!

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  1. Your dog is adorable! She looks like cottony goodness :) And, Christmas did indeed come early, lucky!


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