Monday, November 2, 2009

And the winner is.....

Me!!!! That's right, Knittinwolf was having a blog button contest. Look over there >>>>>>>>> And I won! FOUR of her soaps! Dirt, Lavendar, Torrential Rain, and Fresh Cut Roses!! Thank you Knittinwolf and everyone go check out her etsy shop (just click on the sidebar button!)

Nana and Mater! He is such a cutie!

And already making his opinions known!!!

Last week we had two birthdays!! Oldest daughter and youngest daughter share a birthday. They turned 11 and 21!! Crazy!!!
The other big announcement is:

We are in the Hollywood Santa Parade 2009. As the lead off band!!!! And when I say we, I actually mean the Pete Knight High School Marching Band.

So, much for a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend! But it should be fun!!! The band also has its invite for next year!!!! We have no bus budget - anybody know where all of the lottery money for the schools is being held because we could sure use it right now!! The kids are so excited and so are the adults if the truth be told!!

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  1. Congratulations! You should be getting it today! Love the pic with you and Mater...adorable.

    Happy Birthday girls!!!

    Wow how awesome about the band...tooo coool!


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