Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Trojan Walks and I think I'm gonna knit this for Mater!!

Working with KHS Song Girls means Trojan Walks. I love Trojan Walks! The band walks around the tailgate area and let me tell you USC fans know how to tailgate!!!! Some of the games we even get tickets to the game. We have a Trojan Walk on Saturday but no tickets!! Dang!!
Song Girls after our walkand about to enjoy the game. I think it was the Washington game.
(Images are not mine they are from annypurls page!)
Duck Soup by annypurls. I made her Buddy Bag. Actually, I made several Buddy Bags.

I have got to make more of these bags, they are easy and so freakin cute! But that Duck Soup.... I think Mater would look so cute in it. I am going to make it in red!

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