Saturday, November 1, 2008


One of my assignments was to take pictures of a landscape. So, Honey and I got up before the break of dawn and headed of to Vasquez Rocks to take some breathtaking pics. However, the park doesn't open until 8am so I did some long exposure shooting: We then headed off to Little Rock dam and while Max had a blast, I had a great time shooting pictures (only one of which is below):

This last week has been great for sky pictures:

During Honeys football season I was taking pictures (having NO idea what I was doing) and got this shot:

Not that I know what I doing now, I just know what I DON'T know.
My sweet Peanut (and a little photoshop work!):

Some more photoshop!

Honeys new car!


  1. Love the photoshop pic...awesome job! Are you taking classes? Bergthold? My hubby is into photography too..darkroom and everything. He loves shooting wide format too.

  2. These are terrific pictures:)Hugs Darcy


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