Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Ball is almost OVER!!!!

Thank goodness we are almost done! We are coming into my favorite time of year - Mom time. This is the time between sport season and we do what mom wants to do. We are not run by sports schedules but actually get to do whatever. Clean the garage, the backyard, get the front yard ready for spring - ok we get to go to the movies, sightseeing (wine country, take the dogs to the beach, etc.)

Then in January we start the sports thing for the year all over again.

Short school week this week and I have some pictures from the weekend to put up tomorrow.

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  1. Don't kids keep you busy...and I only have 1!:) Gotta get some knittin time thrown in with all the cleanin'! Whoo hoo 10 more days!


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