Monday, September 8, 2008

Sorry it's been awhile since the last post!!!!!

Ok so the old, "I've been buzy with school!" excuse really is lame. But it is true. Not only did classes begin but so did fall ball. AND, both Peanut and Max are in training classes, hopefully Max will be ready to take his therapy dog teat in October. Let's just say there are reasons why not many huskys are therapy dogs! Not because they are mean or stupid but because they are STUBBORN! Max knows what he is supposed to do (listen to Honey) he sometimes chooses not to listen. Just 'cause. Gotta love him. But Princess Peanut is doing gangbusters, for a almost four month old pup! Her attention span is about two minutes long - but lucky for me she loves her treats. Our big problem is the sit-stay and I walk out of the room. She "forgets" she is supposed to stay until I release her. Oh well!

Fall ball has started and both girls are on the same team. And oldest daughter is pitching, youngest daughter is learning. =)
Honey is coaching the junior boys team. That is middle son in the catchers garb. Of course they are the Dodgers.
Here is oldest son - he is hoping to become a professional umpire someday. He graduates from high school this year and wants to go to umpire school next summer.
The goofs - I was trying to take a picture for class. I gave up.
Peanut in all her glory!
"artsy" photo for school. Hopefully I will get better at picture taking by semsters end!!
She really does like to play ball.
Brother and sister, I believe she struck out both times she was at bat. =(
Looking bad ass (as my sister put it!)
Aren't they the cutest things? I have never seen dogs so attached!
"We LOVE treats!"

Dad and Cracker Jack! I really need to find a home for her.


  1. Dede Rogers9/10/08, 7:53 AM

    I can't believe the puppies are 4 months old and so big!!! They are so cute!

  2. Awwww look at the puppies wow they have shot up so cute:)Hugs Darcy


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