Monday, July 21, 2008

When we said goodbye.....

On July 10, 2008 we said our goodbyes to my grandma. She was 91 years old and loved by all who were lucky enough to know her. My family gathered in Ventura and although the occasion was one of sadness - my family can always be counted on to laugh - ALOT! And that is what we did, we laughed and it was just as grandma would have wanted. The night before she passed away, my brother Joe was with her and she told him, "There is so much love in this family." He told that there was and then she asked, "Did I do that?" He replied that she did.

She made each one of us feel as though we were her favorite. She had lists of those she prayed for - everyday. She was a remarkable woman and although I miss her so very much, I am glad she and my grandfather are now together.

Anyway, here are some pictures from Ventura. The San Buenaventura Mission.

This is a picture of eldest daughtes and their dads. From right ot left - My father and I, My Uncle Phil and his daughter, Barbara, my Uncle Bill and Tara, and Uncle Randy (Uncle Starfish!!!) and Chelsey. My daughters and nieces!! All dressed up to go to the Rosary.
Great-grandma Marys' gravestone. (My grandma's mother.) My grandma was buried close to her mother - so after the gravesite service the family took flowers to greatgrandma's grave.Some of the "girls"!!!
Some of the "Boys"!!!
My Uncle Phil - grandma's brother (he is 93 years old and still goes to work at his barber shop every day!!!!) mom and Aunt Angie.
My mom and Dad and brothers and sisters!! Good looking bunch, aren't we?

The kids needed to get out after being dressed up all day - so we all headed over to the beach. Honey and I - look she is actually smiling!!!
My sister De-Anne being a goof! Chariots of Fire run.
Do you remember sinking into the sand?
The only people in the water - and all related!!
My goddaughter Olivia!!! Isn't she the cutest thing!!
And she is a ham!!!
Everyone on the mission side of Ventura knows my Uncle Phil!! Their picture is on the Tortilla Flats mural, which is on the way to the beach.
The GreenMill Ballroom is where my grandparents met. At a dance - he already had a girlfriend and she was chaparoned by Uncle Phil. The girlfriend was forgotten and they were married a year later before he went into the service.
As the saying for the day was - "Grandma would have wanted it!" We went out to toast Grandma!
My sister Dede and her husband Mike. And my brother Dom and his wife, Shelly.

Almost all of us!!!
I returned to Las Vegas with my Mom and Dad for an extra week. Each Saturday my mother and grandmother would go to early mass, have dinner, and then either go to a movie or do some shopping. I was a poor substitute for grandma but off we went to Mass, and then dinner with some of the ladies. My mom is in the middle.
Friday Honey came to get me and bring me home. But she had a little surprise for me. We had a great day - first we went to see The Dark Knight - which was great BTW!!!! - and then she had gotten us a room at Whiskey Petes! We did some shopping at the outlet mall - had a great dinner and did some gambling!! It was a fab way to go from the parents house to home and real life!!! This is the view from our room and all of the traffic going into Vegas!!!!

So, now I am home and unpacking and getting back to "real-life!" I did register for school and start August 25th!!

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  1. What a beautiful family you have! You can feel the love radiating from all the pictures you took. Can just picture your gran smiling down! Take care!


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