Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Babies are babies.......

Whether they are human or not, having little beings in the house is exhausting!!!!! But they are the cutest little things. I guess exhaustion is going around. Ms. Baby is a great mom. But she needs to go out every hour or so, cause I guess, she is eating and drinking so much to feed all those mouths. Which means Honey and I are up every hour or so to let her out. Thank goodness my last class was today and my final is next Wednesday. Then summer!!!
I love this picture. The behind you are gazing upon belongs to Peanut, the smallest of the group.
Max is just confused and apparently not allowed near his puppies. Just yet. Another week or so I'm thinking Mom will be happy to let somebody else take over the watching of babies.
This monster is Spot, due to the fact he has a spot of white on his back. He is already spoken for being the only male of the group. And he is the biggest of the group.

Next week eyes and ears should open up. I am knitting right now. Socks for Honey but I am stuck at the gusset and heel. So, until I can get to a meeting, I think I will pick something simple to start. I really want to try Crazy Aunt Purls bracelet purse. I have the bracelets, just need to pick yarn and I think just to mix it up I'm gonna add some beading.
All stars is coming up soon and then blessed relief!!!!! Softball and baseball will be done!!!!!! I am really looking forward to some down time!!!!


  1. Great pictures! The pups are soooooooo cute :)

  2. What beautiful babies! Can just smell the sweet puppy breath! Give them some smooches for me! :)

  3. Awwww they are precious little babies.I just want to cuddle some puppies right now.Hugs Darcy


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