Thursday, December 20, 2007

Third Son's 13th Birthday and The Christmas Stockings are DONE!!!!

Here is the whole kit and kaboodle! My young son is 13 today!!
Of the the four birth experiences I had - he was the only "natural" one. That's right no drugs, now I know there are many women out there who swear by the no drug approach to childbirth, I am not one of them. He was cute (after I recovered and regained my senses that is!!) his nostrils were heart shaped!! And he was the cutest little chubby boy ever. With this child I was an older mom and I did things the way I wanted. I don't think I put him down for the first two months of his life!! He was rocked to sleep every night of his life until he was three. I tried breast feeding him, but he had a clamp down reflex (Really?!? Never heard of that in any of the classes or doctors appointments!! But trust me - he had it!!!) He does not need to be rocked to sleep anymore and he survives just fine without me holding him 24/7. But I will always have his first year - I got to spoil him to my hearts content and he still turned out ok. Ok, well he is now hitting his teen years and maybe he isn't perfect, but that is due to age and not his first year of spoiling.

I made this cake for him. Four layers. (I was so domestic yesterday!!! Sewing and baking and a little knitting after dinner!!!)

And young son eating (ultimately not finishing his cake!! Ok I do make a pretty good meatloaf and we had that for dinner!!)

All six of the stockings are finished!! The kids each picked out two fabrics that they liked and I put them together. Now we just have to find a place to hang them where cats and Max won't get them.
Here is Kitty Kitty doing what kitties just lllooovvee to do, sit on brand new, just about to have their pictures taken stockings!!!
This would be Max and Baby hoping to look cute enough to get a treat!! Baby is doing so good - as a matter of fact I think she is "blowing her coat" right now. Hair is EVERY where. I furminate her every day still she trails shedding hair. (Love Huskies!)

Max will be ONE on January 7th and has started the charming habit of chewing everything. My new ornaments, hangers, dolls, chihuahuas (jk - he only nibbles on them!!)

Finally a picture of my Honey and I. We are busy planning a big family Christmas Eve dinner at her dads house. Her sister will be here on her way from Seattle to Texas with her two girls. I love the big family dinners for holidays. Next year we are going to Seattle to my sisters house for Christmas. This year we are going to Disneyland Christmas day!!

Honey is making a trifle for the dinner, I think I will make ambrosia and green bean cassarole. I love when the traditions of two families meld and become what are our kids traditions.

My family has a big Christmas Eve dinner and then Christmas day we have my moms enchiladas! My moms enciladas are the BOMB!! My sisters and I have all starting cooking them in our own homes. I like to cook them all year round - the kiddies love 'em - my sisters stick to the tradition and cook them only at hoildays.

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  1. Sounds like fun and my favorite stocking is the black one wishing your son a happy day.hugs darcy


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