Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Santa arrives in the AV

Saturday was the Lancaster Christmas parade. Of course the band participated and rocked!!! We took Baby and Max (it was their first parade) they were so well behaved and took all the oohhing and aahhing in stride!! The picture below is of them watching the paprde - actually I think either a dog or horses were on the way down the street. This pony was incredibly cute, being led by a carrot!
Gratuitous shot of my babies!!
This little girl was walking with one of the other high school bands. Her brother or sister must have been with the band. I include this picture because she reminds me of my baby sister, who when we were both much, much younger also had an older sister in the band and she couldn't wait. So one night she got into some white paint my mother had been using and dunked her hands in the bucket. This was so she had white gloves like the drill team. CUTIE PIE!! My own daughter has her own Song Girl outfit for basketball games, because it gets to cold up here during football.
And here they come: Knight High School Marching Band!!!!

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